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About Us

DMT Bioproducts is a growing company located in Aylmer, Ontario. Our goal is to develop commercially viable bioprocessing technology to efficiently separate and process components of locally grown biomass and convert them into fuel derivatives and other valuable materials. Powered by nature, we utilize plants that sequester massive amounts of CO2 from our atmosphere as the only source of carbon in our products. We are dedicated to ensuring the processes we develop are as green as possible.

Feedstock / Miscanthus

At DMT Bioproducts, we strive to refine locally grown agriculture into products with commercial value. Specifically, Miscanthus giganteus, a perennial grass, has significant potential as a biofuel. It can reach heights of over 11 feet in only 3 years and requires little farming attention. Its network of rhizomes, a modified root, is partly responsible for the plant’s prosperity: the rhizomes allow the grass to propagate underground and will often send up new Miscanthus shoots to grow aboveground.

Miscanthus giganteus sequesters significant amounts of CO2 gas from the atmosphere, and converts it into polysaccharides and lignin. In the winter months, Miscanthus loses its leaves. This provides nearby soil with beneficial carbon-rich sugars which can increase crop yields the following year. The overall growth of Miscanthus giganteus is carbon negative, making it an ideal feedstock for a biorefinery. At DMT Bioproducts, it is our goal to find the least energy-intensive process possible to convert Miscanthus plant material into useful commodities in hopes to conserve an overall carbon-efficient process.

Research & Development

We are operating out of a laboratory set up on the property of a Miscanthus farm in Port Burwell, Ontario. Currently, our talented research team is focusing on optimizing a process to efficiently separate the three main components of Miscanthus giganteus, hemicellulose, cellulose, and lignin. Once the process is finalized, the second stage of R&D will involve developing procedures to convert all three components into useful materials.

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51631 Calton Line, Aylmer, ON N5H 2R5

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53104 Vienna Line, Port Burwell, ON N0J 1T0